Red and Blue ~The colors of harmony or battle

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With two colors of Red and Blue, what do you recall? Sometimes they mention the color of gender, emotion or something.
However I strongly think that a pair of Red and Blue means something special for us and attract us. I'm talking about two sides of the pair.

First, Let's talk about what you recall with these two colors.
For example, men and wemen, anger and sadness, hot and cool...and more. As you know, they are often used as the colors of two things opposed.
Based on this conclusion, let's see the two aspects of this pair.


One is the colors of Symmetry.
In johnny's, Symmetry means a pair of boys whose posissions are located in opposite side, which sometimes means that two boys are have a special relationships and share a common destiny.

The most famous Red and Blue Symmetry---I think --- is KinKi Kids. Koichi is Red and Tsuyoshi is Blue.
When they got debut, the colors are given to them just to distinguish them.


However the two boys have grown up to be the two men, making their differences clearly.

How they are different can be seen in their own solo performances. Koichi focuses on dances and staging as a show. He always does his best to make the same show everyday, and in order to do so he does reharsal so many times. on the other hand, Tsuyoshi focuses on music he make with his company in that moment. So his reharsal is simple and rough.
They have more things opposed like the colors of Red and Blue. However or therefore, they can make the best harmony which can be made only by themselves like the performance of "薔薇と太陽".
KinKi Kids is the first Johnny's that I love, so it might be just my idea. If you know Red-Blue Symmetry---except Date-Nabe, please show it. They must be precious like KinKi Kids.


The other aspect is two goups which fight.
Some of you may imagine them with Red and Blue, and which can be due to DREAM BOYS.
Its story is composed with the background that two groups fight. In this musical, there are some songs that shows the situation of oppositon---Kazuya, Yuta, Yuma or so and Champ. These songs are very cool and attracting. As I thought, Johnny's fan loves two opposite groups (of nice guys).

Also the musical CROSS HEART is acted by two opposite groups led by Yuma as Red team Bourgogne and Yara-kun as Blue team Liberete. There are many battles with dance and sword, though they are best friends. They killed each others swearing their friendship of afterlife. Yuma and Yara acting these two guys fighting are very attractive because we fan love the firm bond between Yara-Yuma.


And then, I have very the recommended musical for you ---Musical Romeo & Julliett!
It is the most famous story of Shakespeare and is also the story of people who belong to opposed groups.

In Verona, there are two families Montagues and Capulettes. They have fighted from long long time ago. One day, Romeo, son of Montagues and Juliet, daughter of Capulettes fell in love. However they are disturbed because of their background, and at the end, they died together.
In this musical, they live in modern time. They have smartphones, use computer, and when he went to Juliet's balcony, Romeo says"Please tell me your cellphone number! " It is very progressive Shakespeare. But therefore it can be familier to us.
By the way, its songs are kind of rock, and its type of dance is kind of hip hop. So you must like it.

古川雄大ら「世界の王」ほか2曲を熱唱!『ロミオ&ジュリエット』プレスコール - YouTube

ミュージカル『ロミオ&ジュリエット』- 舞台映像 - YouTube

I really recommend you!


As I talked, Red and Blue have some special relationship I think. Thank you for your listenig.