Countdown to spring

I went to a countdown concert for the first time last year. That was one-man concert of KAT-TUN in Kyosera Dome Osaka. KAT-TUN had acted one-man countdown concert since 2013. I couldn't join that in first year because of the concert of KinKi Kids. But, this year, KinKi Kids didn't hold that, so I could spend my New Year's Eve with KAT-TUN.

That concert was very lovely. They looked the most beautiful in 2014. The set list was based on that of the arena tour named "come Here". But its production was reformed to match the scale of Kyosera dome.
When we welcomed countdown to 2015, we all in Kyosera Dome joined hands. KAT-TUN on the center of the stage looked happy and also I felt happy.
My beginning of 2015 was wonderful. I had hoped to spend New Year's Eve with KAT-TUN again.

However, now we have to start another "countdown" to spring, which means farewell with Junnosuke.
His decision to quite KAT-TUN and Johnny's surprised all Johnny's fans and maybe all Japanese. When I saw Best Artist and heard his announcement, I couldn't believe that. But seeing his serious expression and Kazuya's hand shaking, I understood this scene was real.

At beginning, I loved Jin. So when he quited KAT-TUN, I felt sad and thought KAT-TUN, which doesn't contain Jin, is not KAT-TUN. Sometimes I thought KAT-TUN something which lost the important piece. I had changed my most favorite talent, from Jin Akanishi to Tomoyuki Yara in 2008. However KAT-TUN is the first group that I found and decided to yell by myself. They have given me many precious memories and have made me Otaku. I love KAT-TUN as a members' home. So I have kept loving them, whatever happened to them.

And two years ago, they lost another important piece, Koki. I felt pretty sad, but they stood up again. KAT-TUN as a four members has tried to be ONE that doesn't seems the group which lost something. And I saw they has become the group like that. I have believed that I can watch them as it is. Maybe every fans of KAT-TUN has believed four members of KAT-TUN were going toward the same future. There was no doubt, till Junnosuke's announcement.

I have not accepted it yet, but I just see that I have to. What let me see that is Junnosuke's facial expression. He has the eyes which tells that he has decided. It didn't see hyphen at all. I had no choice except understanding what I have to do.
He doesn't tell us why he has to quite KAT-TUN, so I can't accept his secession. However maybe he won't tell it until he leaves Johnny's or he dies. No matter how desperately we persuade him to do, maybe he won't.

Of course I don't want to loose him. But we can't stop him. He said "Moving gear doesn't stop". The countdown has started just towards next spring.